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Sexy Annette BBW is dressed in miniskirt and nylons. She watches some porn on the phone, and her boyfriend comes come and starts to lick her wet pussy. She the blows his cock and he fucks her deep and cumshot on her big fat ass. BAG32

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A fat BBW dressed in sexy lingerie spread her legs and play with a huge dildo in her cunt sucking it from time to time. BAG31

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A sexy BBW with mysterious appearance enters the room, and masturbates in front of mysterious man smoking. BAG29

BBW threesome (20 Jully 2017) - 124 pics - 1 clips

Two chubby sexy BBW girl play with each other and one of them rich and blows the video camera operator. He get's so excited that puts the camera on a tripod and fuck them both right there on the couch. BAG28

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A chubby but sexy girl with big tits has fun with a thick long black dildo. She sticks it on the floor and rides it having orgasm after orgasm. BAG27

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A hot BBW girl masturbates and fucks with a dildo when another girl looks at her. BAG25

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A sexy chubby wife is cheating on her husband and plays with a huge black dildo to turn on her mature fuck boy. When his cock is hard, she starts to suck him and he then fuck her and shoot his hot sperm all over her pussy and tummy. BAG23

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A chubby wife cheating with a mature dude. She spreads her legs on the bed and is fucked hard, and since it's not enough for her, she continues with a finger fucking deep in her pussy., BAG22

Chubby wife masturbates in bed (23 April 2017) - 42 pics - 1 clips

A chubby wife wakes up and she is so excited that she grabs a dildo and masturbates with it for a long time. BAG21

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A hot MILF with gigantic tits blows like a slut and then masturbate on her back and get's a lot of cock. BAG20

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A hot MILF with gigantic boob masturbates on a couch with a huge black dildo BAG19

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A sexy chubby wife is fucking with a visitor on a leather couch in the living room. She was waiting for a good fuck with a stranger for a long time. BAG18

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A chubby wife masturbates with high energy. She fingers her cunt with multiple fingers and she screams with pleasure. BAG17

Horny Wife masturbates in living room. (30 March 2017) - 31 pics - 1 clips

My wife is all alone at home. She wears nothing except a pull-over and her favorite white leather boots. She goes to the living room and start touching her pussy. She quickly gets wet and fingers her cunt deep and hard dreaming of a thick black cock. BAG16

Big beautiful girls fuck a lucky dude (22 March 2017) - 119 pics - 1 clips

Two gorgeous big beautiful girls clean the room, the couch and then they play with a lucky guy. First they play with each other, then they suck his cock and he shoots his sperm over them. BAG15

Chubby slut with sexy dress paid to suck cock (28 February 2017) - 78 pics - 1 clips

A sexy chubby slut with a nice dress comes to my home and I pay her to suck my cock and I play with her cunt. She loves money and suck cock very good. She is very cheap,and provides good blowjob. BAG14

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A big ass BBW girl loves to bend over and stick a small dildo deep in her cunt. Her pussy is so tight and she loves to dildo fuck it. BIG13

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A big sexy girl play with a small dildo on a couch. She loves to stick it deep in her horny cunt . BAG12

Fat ass wife masturbates with many vegetables (27 January 2017) - 111 pics - 1 clips

Simone is a sexy but fat ass wife. She comes home from the morning shopping and starts to prepare food for her husband. She has bought several penis-like vegetables, and when she washes them in the sink she is turned on by their shape and size and she feels like sucking them, and then she starts to fuck her wide pussy with them one by one and she get's to orgasm right when her husband enters the door. BAG11.

Big girl play with a dildo. (23 January 2017) - 31 pics - 1 clips

Analise is a big girl, but she is kind of hot. She spreads her legs and she fingers her cunt, and then she masturbates with a dildo.  BAG10

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She comes in the room with a sexy short stretch dress on her, she sits on the couch and she start fucking her cunt with a huuuuge dildo. BAG9

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She is so bored that she flips trough channels but nothing is interesting. She then gets on the floor and rides a huuuge black dildo like a nymphomaniac slut. She just can't get enough dick no matter how big and how deep. BAG8

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She is home alone and craves a big dick. She has to improvise and takes the salami from the fridge and sticks it deep in her pussy. Then her partner comes home and she blows him dry. 

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Two big girls, lesbians, are having fun together. They start by fucking their cunts with big dildos, and then they come one on top of the other, and do a 69 position dildo fucking their cunts and licking their asses. BAG7

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